June 6, 2020
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BHK Scout in Ambalan A. A. Adi Sucipto and Maria Walanda Maramis again showed its existence in coaching and scouting activities by carrying out the inauguration of Bantara Enforcement Scouts. This activity was held on January 24, 2019. The Inauguration of the Bantara Pen Scout Event is intended for those who have completed the General Skills Requirements (SKUs) of Enforcement Scouts so that they are entitled to use Public Skills (TKU) Sign of Bantara Enforcement. Bantara Enforcement SKU consists of 23 points containing 5 elements of the development area, namely Spiritual, emotional, Social, Intellectual, and Physical then proceed with passing the Enforcement Council Honorary Council. The Inauguration procession was very sacred and solemn. Marked by the participants at the ceremony, they looked very excited. In this generation successfully installed 6 Upright Scouts consisting of 2 Boys Enforcement and 4 Girls Enforcement Officers. (End)


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