September 18, 2020
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One of the main routine programs of BHK Kota Wisata High School is Homestay. An activity which students stay with foster parents in a country outside Indonesia and learn about the education system that applies in that country. This time BHK Kota Wisata HighSchool chose Australia as the country of destination for the homestay program. Some background why Australia was chosen as the destination country of the homestay program include: the number of universities and Indonesian students who continue their studies in this country, the location that is not too far from Indonesia, the hospitality and various cultures they have, the language used (English) so students can apply their abilities in English through direct interaction with friends and family whom they live with while they are in Australia.


The purpose of this activity is to train students to become independent individuals, caring for others, able to work together in teams, discipline, have good manners, ethics and morals, but also open participants’ insights into the culture and education system in other countries. This activity was attended by 16 students namely: Caecilia Divany Hanan (XI IPA2), Gabriel Zefanya Paskah (XI IPA1), Hizkiana Nicoldea Gunawan (XI IPA2), Jean Michel Ferdinand (XI IPA2), Maura Fernanda, GOUW (XI IPA2) , Michelle Stephanie Supit (XI IPA1), Nathaniel Ezra Ardyana (XI IPS1), Pricillia Vina Nathaniel (XI IPS1), Very Antoni (XI IPA1), Steven Winata Mulia (XI IPA1), John Ferrari Maydi (XI IPS2), Yolanda Mere Marie (XI IPA2), Anasthasya Audrey Ferlina (XII IPS1), Clarissa Shane (XII IPA1), Leonardo Tantalomeus (XII IPA1), Wenny Feronika Septiana (XII IPS1). The sisters and the accompanying teachers are Sr. M. Albertine PBHK, Sr. M. Patrisiana PBHK, and Mrs. Natalia Desi Aryani.


During their stay on Monday 16 September 2019 to Thursday 19 September 2019 the participants participated in various activities, such as: attending learning activities at School of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College for girls and Marcellin College Sydney for boys; visit the University (New South Wales); see Paddys Market, take a city tour (Koala Park) and especially the opportunity to attend and take part in the Mass at OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY CHURCH KENSINGTON. After mass, the students offered songs to thank  the people and foster parents who accompanied them during the homestay. After that students  joined  the morning tea tradition which is a routine  after mass  to tighten relationship of Catholic community in the parish. In closing the activities, all homestay participants took a tour to Darling Harbor.


Special thanks go to Father Alo Lemere MSC for the guidance in all the process of  the homestay, teachers and buddies at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College and Marcellin College Sydney. Thank you to the foster parents who have accepted the participants like their own children. Hopefully this activity can be carried out in the coming years so to widen  students’ insights and prepare them to  compete in globalization era. (The)

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