December 3, 2021
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The Mother of the Sacred Heart (Bunda Hati Kudus-BHK Kota Wisata) School held an Open House event  for the Academic Year 2020/2021 on Saturday, September 14, 2019 and was very lively. With the theme “Live, Life and Love BHK”, this event was attended by hundreds of parents, invited guests, BHK partners, as well as sponsors, teachers, kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high school students, as well as students from BHK schools and other schools in Cibubur and surrounding areas.

This kind of event should be appreciated because through this event information about education can be socialized clearly to all levels of society. Sister M. Albertine PBHK, as chairman of the Bogor branch of the Asti Dharma Foundation, said that one of the objectives of the Open House event was to strengthen relations and cooperation with all parents and surrounding communities.

The Open House event  was filled with various performances both of the abilities, potentials and talents of children that have been developed by the school; students’ work; various competitions  (sport,skill,art); education exhibitions at each level starting from Toddler (Below Three Years), Playgroup, Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle School to High School; various stands such as PPDB (New Student Ellronment) stands, bazaars, and sponsors.

The enthusiasm of Open House participants was extraordinary, as evidenced by the number of registrants in various competitions with a total of 640 children, both BHK Kota Wisata children and children from outside BHK Kota Wisata school. No less lively with these various competitions, is the performances  of children in each unit, which invites admiration and also made  parents burst into tears watching their children demonstrate their abilities, potentials and talents that they have in public. Each unit also exhibits their creativity and uniqueness through the education exhibition and the work of their respective units.


Inevitably in the digital era now, all information is delivered  very fast, parents must be wise in educating children in order to be able to balance all the information that children get so that it is of maximum benefit for the children’s future stock. One of BHK Kota Wisata school strategies to overcome time and distance constraints, starting this School Year (2020/2021) BHK Kota Wisata  school open the Enrollment (New Student Enrollment) online through BHK Kota Wisata website This step is expected to be a solution to the constraints of time and distance so that parents can easily interact with BHK school through the website and register their children more easily. (The)

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