August 12, 2020
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Become a superior, leading and
trusted high school with spirituality in mind.

  • Helping students to grow in spirit 4 C (Compassion,
    Care, Competence, and Change).

    Creating a conducive learning atmosphere so that
    students are able to recognize and develop their potential optimally.

    Helping students to have adequate academic abilities to compete in college
    entrance selection.

    Develop professionalism of educators and education

    Strive for harmonious
    communication and collaboration between schools, parents, and the community in
    order to optimize mentoring for students.

  • Providing excellent service to students and


Compassionate or having a
heart of compassion and compassion will develop:


a. Brotherhood / Friendship, has a personal closeness
with everyone.


b. Empathy, able to feel what others feel.


c. Solider, have a feeling of loyal friend.


d. Attentive, want to
respect, listen and care for others.


Care, have sensitivity and concern for others and the
environment and maintain the integrity of creation. Will develop:


a. Sensitivity, understanding the needs of others.


b. Respect, respect others with a polite, polite and
friendly attitude.


c. Respect for others and the environment, respect and
uphold human dignity and respect the environment.


d. Good service, always giving the best in service in
the education community (school).


Competence, has the ability and skills in accordance
with its role (as teacher / employee / student). Value to be developed:


a. Responsibility, doing earnestly is the duty.


b. Independent, able to make
decisions properly and correctly. Not dependent on others in all actions.


c. Honesty, said and acted in accordance with
conscience based on truth.


d. Mature / mature, has a multi-dimensional life
balance (mind, emotion, social, spiritual).


e. Academic Excellence: always has the desire to


f. Fighting power, never give up and never despair
when experiencing difficulties.


g. Professional, skilled / skilled and mastering their


Change, want to change themselves and actively build
the world for the better. Value to be developed:


a. Creative, has the desire to create.


b. Innovative, always has the desire to renew.


c. Humility, willingness to listen to input for the
common good.


d. Soulful Learners, always have the curiosity to
progress and have internal motivation in learning.


e. Integrity, consistent with what is a decision and
principle that is believed, but also dare to change if it has a strong reason
to change it after going through rational consideration.



Curriculum used is
National Curriculum 2013 for grade X,XI, and XII. The Subjects are:

a.    Math and Science

b. Social Studies


  • Futsal for girls / boys
  • Basketball for girls / boys
  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Band
  • Photography
  • Science Club
  • Kolintang
  • Cheerleader
  • Journalistic
  • First Aid Group (mandatory)
  • Environmental and adventure group
  • Scout (mandatory)
  • English Club

ACHIEVEMENTS (2018/2019)

  • 7th rank in Accounting and Economy Competition held by Trisakti School of Management

    2nd Champion Band Competiton for Senior High Schools in Cibubur area 

    3rd Champion Band Competiton for Senior High Schools in Cibubur area 

    9th rank from 150 participants in Science and Mathematic Olimpic in Bogor area

    2nd Champion Choir Competition in Bogor area 

    The Best Girl Participant in Scout Training in Bogor area

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