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The History of Asti Dharma Foundation

The Daughter of the Sacred Heart Congregation founded the Educational Foundation with the name Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) on September 8, 1957, and made a Notary Deed on December 19, 1957. Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) continues to move in the field of schooling from Kindergarten to Senior High School / Vocational School. In the Foundation's Articles of Association, the aim of the Foundation is to establish charitable and social work in general as well as teaching, education and care for patients with special illnesses.

Asti Dharma Foundation(YAD) in addition to carry out the duties of the Congregation, also carries the task of the Church while carrying out the mandate of the Indonesian State which is to educate the life of the nation in accordance with the laws and regulations that apply in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia.

As of September 8, 1957, when Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) was recognized by De Jure, Asti Dharma Foundation has served 61 years in the world of education. 61 years is not a short time. It must have taken a lot of effort and even sacrifice and great struggle for an organization to continue to maintain its existence and credibility. All this is inseparable from its predecessors, namely the Missionaries continued with their successors. For all their enthusiasm and fighting power, until now we can still feel the work.

It is known that the work of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart in the field of schooling began in the Dutch colonial era in 1927, when the first Missionary Daughter of the Sacred Heart arrived on the island of Java. With enthusiasm and inspired by the Spirituality of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Asti Dharma Foundation continues to fight for the greatness, nobility and sanctity of the Indonesian Nation.

The education community in Kota Wisata, Bogor is the youngest community in Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) environment. This community was born from a variety of thoughts from the congregation and Foundation leaders. The end of the 20th century were difficult times in Indonesia, including in the world of education. In this difficult atmosphere, the congregation took a bold decision, namely to open a new community for education in Bogor in 1998. To support the birth and growth of the education community in Kota Wisata were sent Sister Christine, Sister Vianney, and Sister Eugenia as pioneers. These pioneers succeeded in establishing Play Group, and Kindergarten in June 1998. These schools temporarily occupy the shophouses of Paris cluster. The laying of the first stone for the Elementary building was carried out in October 1998 and was inaugurated on July 14, 1999. In March 1999, Sister Christine was replaced by Sister Regina Pratiwi to lead the education community in Kota Wisata, and Sister Christine accepted a new assignment from the Congregation. School development continued and in the 2000/2001 school year Bunda Hati Kudus (BHK) Junior High school was opened, and in the 2003/2004 school year the Senior High school BHK was opened to give Junior High school graduates the opportunity to continue to schools guided by the Congregation Daughter of the Sacred Heart Order. To meet the needs of Junior and Senior High school buildings began construction of Junior and Senior High school buildings. Starting in the year 2000 the Junior High school building has been used, while laying the first stone of the Senior High school building on 29 May 2004 and finished and blessed on 12 August 2005. In contrast to other communities belonging to PBHK, the education community in Kota Wisata to procure buildings and land in collaboration with developers . With the inauguration of the Bogor Branch Asti Dharma Foundation office building on October 21, 2006, complete facilities and infrastructure were completed as part of the implementation of education in Bogor.

In the context of the unification of the Javanese PBHK Congregation with the PBHK Community in Maluku region and Irian Jaya, Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) began working on schools managed by members of the PBHK Congregation in Maluku and Palu region . In Maluku region the sisters have managed schools before unification. The schools managed by the Daughters of the Sacred Hearts were originally under the auspices of other Foundations but the management of the school remained in the hands of the Daughters of the Mother of the Sacred Heart. As it is known that based on the prevailing laws and regulations at that time, schools must be under the auspices of a Foundation, while for the practicality of the Sisters they put their schools in the Foundation that was already in place where Sister founded the school. The Catholic School Foundation that was there at that time was the Santo Willibrord Foundation for Langgur areas, Santa Theresia Foundation in Ambon and Mangole, and the Lelemuku Foundation on Tanimbar Island. Especially the schools belonging to the Daughters of the SacredHeart congregation in Mangole have now been handed back to the Theresia Foundation in Ambon. The only school that was immediately established by Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) was Bunda Hati Kudus Playgroup Palu on March 17, 1995.

The schools located in Maluku Islands were gradually handed over by the old Foundation to Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD). The Saint Willibrord Foundation on August 1, 1994 handed over the Kindergarten, Elementary, Junior, Senior High and Vocational schools in Langgur and Kindergarten in Kei Besar to Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD). The Lelemuku Foundation in Tanimbar handed over Kindergarten and Vocational school to Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) on August 15, 1994. While the Theresia Foundation handed over a kindergarten in Ambon to the Asti Dharma Foundation on August 1, 1994. Those who were in charge of transitioning the schools to Asti Dharma Foundation were Sister Bernarda and Mr. FX. Marsudi, (Chair and Secretary of the Asti Dharma Foundation), Sister Hendrika (Maluku Subda), and Sister Astrid Let-Let (Subda executive in the Tanimbar area). With the entry of all Sister BHK schools into Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD), then since December 12, 1995 the service area of Asti Dharma Foundation based in Jakarta includes Jakarta, Bogor, Central Java, Maluku, and Palu.

Since this world was made, there is nothing eternal in the world, so is life. All who live in this world follow the same pattern of life, namely birth, growth, development, peak (adult), decline, and death. The life line is not a straight line, it is a curved line, and no one can avoid this line of life. The same goes for the journey of Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD). For 50 years since its establishment on September 8, 1957 in Purworejo, Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) also experienced events of growth, development, glory, and was no exception for difficult times which were periods of reflection to determine the direction and pace of where and how Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) brought schools that become a coach.

The efforts of policy makers to improve implementation in the field and maintain the existence of educational work have never ceased to be carried out, among others by providing academic and spiritual guidance to education staff, providing educators with opportunities for further study, revising staffing regulations, implement government policies in the field of learning, establish cooperation with domestic and foreign, improve / provide adequate educational infrastructure facilities, evaluate the implementation of education in each branch, improve the quality of education by delivering high-quality school graduates both in academic field and life values, improve school.

The main capital to realize this
hope that the foundation has and must have is: "... you must be perfect as
a perfect Father in heaven ... and I will be with you until the end of time
"While the devices that have been owned by Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) to
reach its expectations are the Articles of Association and Bylaws of the
Foundation, Vision and Mission, Foundation Organizational Structure (Trustees,
Administrators, Supervisors) and Foundation Branches in Jakarta, Bogor, Tegal
and Ambon.

Vision and Mission


The realization of the
Spirituality of the Heart that moves all members of the educational community
so that it creates whole and mature personalities


Become a leading and trusted
spirituality educational institution in developing future generations that are
creative, innovative, independent and mature as actors of social change.


Becoming a spirituality
educational institution, always leads and trusted so that it is increasingly
known and owned by many people

Being a place of Catholic
education that forms young generations to be strong, hearty and competent, to
be ready to compete in a global society

Establishment of graduates with
mature personalities

Formating graduates with personalities
who are able to create and develop
moreefficient things for the wider community

Creates  an educational community that cares about
justice, peace and the integrity of God creation in the community


Encourage all educators to
explore and appreciate the spirituality of heart on an ongoing basis

Prepare professional educators
and education staff through fostering spirituality and professionalism

Providing the latest facilities
and infrastructure that enable the Missionary Daughter of the Sacred Heart (PBHK)
Education Community to compete in terms of educational quality

To develop students' spiritual,
intellectual, emotional and physical potential optimally, prioritizing in the education

Strive for cross-subsidies as an
embodiment of the spirituality of heart

networks with Government / community leaders / educational institutions and
other relevant agencies to improve the quality of education

Foundation 4-C



Sharing with others who suffer
both physically and spiritually

Have a heart of compassion for

Have attitude of sympathy and
empathy for others


  • CARE

    Concern to others

    Caring for and preserving the
    nature of God's creation

    Becoming a pioneer in the green



    Develop abilities and skills
    according to the talents possessed

    Develop talent and potential

    Able to actualize the potential



    Dare to change ownself in a
    positive direction

    Actively building a world order
    for the better

    Become a perpetrator of social




The Symbol

HEART, symbol of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

CROWN, the symbol of Mary, the Mother of the Sacred Heart

The Location of the Crown above the Heart, the Unity of the
Hearts of Jesus and Mary which becomes  the source of the spirit of Spirituality of
the Heart.

YAD, Asti Dharma Foundation.

ASTI, a beautiful gem.

DHARMA, Way of life based on truth.

AMETUR, Ametur Ubiqoe Terrarum Cor Jesu Sacratissimum in
aeternum (may the Holy Heart of Jesus be loved everywhere).

HEART-shaped SHIELD, God's kindness that always protects.

FOUR CORNERS OF THE SHIELD, symbolizes the 4 values that
will be achieved, namely Compassion, Care, Competence, and Change.

BLUE COLOR, Something that has Tranquility, Trust and

YELLOW COLOR, Symbolizes Joy and Glory.

WHITE COLOR, Symbolizes purity.

BLACK COLOR, Symbolizes sincerity.

RED COLOR, Symbolizes Joy and Courage.

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