December 3, 2022
Yayasan Asti Dharma : 021-8493 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001 |

Asti Dharma Foundation (YAD) is one of Daughters of Our Lady of The Sacred Heart’s (FDNSC) work mission. Our foundation’s mission covers education, health and social fields. Our office on Jl. Rahayu 22, Jelambar, Grogol, West Jakarta is the main office for Jakarta, Bogor and Central Java. In education field, our foundation has several schools around Jakarta, Tegal, Pemalang, Purworejo, Wonosobo, Parakan, Cilacap and Bogor.

In Bogor, our foundation was first established in 1998, by building a school for Kindergarten level named Bunda Hati Kudus (BHK) Kota Wisata. Along with response and support from surrounding and in order to provide the needs for further education, we began to develop  higher education levels starting from Elementary, Junior until Senior High School. 

Our foundation maintains connections with numbers of institutions both education and non educations in order to help us in achieving our mission. We continuously pray and do our effort for the existance of our schools to build a better future for young people.

Kota Wisata, Mei 2018

Sr. M. Albertine

Head of Foundation



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