December 3, 2021
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Father Jules Chevalier is a Roman Catholic priest from France and founder of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and the sisters congregation, Daughters of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Congregation (PBHK). He is an inspiration for Chevalier family members. The month of October is dedicated by the whole family of BHK schools as the Chevalier month to commemorate the death of Father Jules Chevalier precisely on October 21, 1907.

Who is Father Jules Chevalier?

Father Jules Chevalier was born in Richelieu, France, on March 15, 1824. Since he was 12 years old he already had a strong desire to become a priest. His parents economical conditional who were lacking did not diminish his desire to study in seminary, although his parents were unable to send him to school, he decided to work as an apprentice at a cobbler to raise money.

One of the things that he taught the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and who is now expected to be lived by BHK students is faith and great trust in God, not easily discouraged when facing problems or challenges or when difficulties encountered.

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