December 3, 2021
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Monday. October 21st to October 24th, 2019 became the most important days for BHK schools because two (2) Sisters of PBHK Congregation or also known as Daughter of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart (FDNSC) from Australia, Sr. Philippa Murphy, FDNSC and Sr. Lorraine McCleary, FDNSC, specifically came to Indonesia to give Spirituality Seminar to all School Principals, Counseling Sisters and Principals both for BHK Grogol and BHK Kota Wisata. This Spirituality Seminar delivered about the mission of Fr. Jules Chevalier the founder of PBHK Sisters Congregation and Mother Marie Louise Hartzer as the first Superior General of PBHK Sisters.

In gratitude for all the great things that God has done through him, Fr. Jules Chevalier gave  the Blessed Mother the title  Lady of the Sacred Heart. This name was chosen as a description of the relationship between Jesus and Mother Mary, the relationship that we also must have with each other. Like Fr. Jules Chevalier, Mother Marie Louise Hartzer also felt the love of God without limits until she with her motherly figured guided the Congregation of PBHK Sisters.

The mission of BHK school is the mission of love. Fr. Jules Chevalier and Mother Marie Louise Hartzer have a strong belief that God’s love is unlimited and unconditional. He wants all people, wherever they are, to experience the love of God and because of this love of God they experience changes in their lives. In order to realize the love of God on earth, PBHK Sisters established BHK schools.

In the condition of the world today with variety of characters, struggles and sadness, still God continues to pour out to his people, abundant grace, beautiful signs of new life, and grace of love. The world needs love, and for this the young generation needs to know, feel and ultimately spread love to the world.

Hopefully BHK students can  be a light of love and continue the mission of Fr. Jules Chevalier and Mother Marie Louise Hartzer to ignite the spirit of love for others. Become the heart of Jesus who lives on earth.


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