December 3, 2021
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In facing Industrial Revolution (IR) 4.0, the world of education should not be silent, instead it must move to prepare children so that they are better prepared. BHK Kota Wisata school educators and education staff are prepared to face IR 4.0 by inviting education experts as well as informatics world experts in Indonesia Mr. Indra Charismiadji attended BHK school to enlighten how we should prepare eduaction in the era IR 4.0 on April 13, 2019. One of the government policies in facing the era is issuing ministerial of education regulation (Permendikbud) no. 35, 36 and 37. That is the existence of a new subject INFORMATIKA. Learners are taught to use technology as a reference or means to create and innovate knowledge. Education must stimulate students’ abilities through a variety of breakthroughs in contextual learning methods that encourage students to think critically in a variety of life contexts that they face, such as problem-based learning, inquiry-based learning, learning approaches in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and  Mathematics (STEAM), and various other learning approaches. So that it doesn’t just focus on old and monotonous patterns in learning taht lack creativity. So far we have assumed that teachers are the key to the success of learning practices in students, but forget to recognize that teachers are no longer the only source of learning for students. Education must also stimulate and facilitate students and the education community to master data and information globally, and information technology that us elaborated by creating spaces of creativity and various opportunities that provide broad economic benefits. (fxs)

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